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Orionleasing actively contributes to social responsibility initiatives. We are committed to supporting various social programs and projects that promote the well-being of communities, education and environmental protection.

Every year, we invest a portion of our profits in local initiatives to improve the quality of life and build a sustainable foundation for the future.

Orionleasing believes that business success should be shared with society, and we strive to be a responsible, reliable partner not only for our customers, but also for the entire community. Join us on our journey of building a better and brighter future together.




Orionleasing is proud of its close cooperation with the Kazickų Family Support Fund, especially in the implementation of the "Teachers' Support Circles" initiative. This program is designed for teachers to provide them with emotional support and a sense of community. The initiative creates a safe space for educators where they can share their experiences, challenges and successes. Participants take part in Empathic Communication training, which helps them develop new skills and gives them the opportunity to learn from each other.

In addition, our partnership with the Kazickų Family Support Fund allows us to contribute to various important initiatives focused on strengthening the fields of education, culture, health and social care. Together, we support programs that improve the quality of education for pupils and students, nurture cultural heritage, strengthen health care services and promote social responsibility and sustainable community development.

This partnership is further evidence of our commitment to being a responsible business partner and an active member of society, working towards a better future for all.

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